Welcome to the House of Nazareth

The House of Nazareth is a temporary emergency shelter, free of charge; for men, women and families in need.

Our mission:

  • The House of Nazareth's mission is to help people in dire need in the Greater Moncton area integrate society.

Our goals:

  • Offering emergency shelter in a safe environment to help vulnerable people;
  • Facilitate integration in the community for vulnerable people;
  • Promoting the development of social networks to find long term housing to help our beneficiaries integrate society;
  • Promoting the establishment of social businesses offering a working experience to our beneficiaries.

The House of Nazareth is a non profit organization founded by Sister Rita Barrieau in 1979. In 1978, Sister Barrieau became preoccupied by the number of people in dire need in the Greater Moncton area and felt compelled to help them. Since then, the House of Nazareth helps vulnerable people and families to become independent and active members of society. The number of people using our services each year is proof that those services are essential to the community.